Brian Wray – SEO Specialist

Brian's Creative Skills

Brian's Role at SkyeLine

Brian is a lead SEO Specialist at SkyeLine Studio, who is committed to analyzing trends and best practices to develop successful SEO projects and campaigns for our clients.

For over 7 years, Brian has been implementing effective SEO strategies on local and national websites that have helped boost their traffic, rankings, and overall conversions through the use of sound, Google-safe SEO principles.

Brian uses his vast experience in high-level content creation to inform his SEO recommendations and develop content strategies that produce actual results.

Before SkyeLine Studio

Brian Wray’s journey towards SEO strategy began when he was working on reality television programs in Los Angeles. While he was an assistant in the casting department, he began creating content on some of his friends’ websites. This helped him absorb the basic SEO principles needed to develop optimized content that could rank in search engines. Fast-forward to today, and Brian has been implementing effective SEO strategies on local and national websites.

Brian worked in the reality TV business for nearly 3 years, casting shows on networks like NBC, CBS, and FOX. Before that, he attended UC-Santa Barbara where he interned at local TV production networks and radio stations.

He assisted in marketing efforts at his local campus radio station and got firsthand experience developing large-scale campaigns.

Outside of the 9-5

When he’s not doing SEO, Brian is competing in local tennis leagues, jamming out on his guitar, or traveling.

His current home is in San Diego, CA where he spends as much time outdoors as humanly possible (after work is finished of course).