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Molly Milligan

Marketing Associate + Writer

Molly Milligan | Marketing Associate + Writer

Molly's Creative Skills

Molly's Role at SkyeLine

Molly joined SkyeLine Studio as a Marketing Intern in the summer of 2021. What started as a part-time introduction to the marketing industry soon blossomed into a full-time role as a Writer and Marketing Assistant. The SkyeLine team quickly recognized Molly’s ability to capture the voice and needs of each client. Her adept sense of tone and fresh perspectives made it clear that SkyeLine was Molly’s place to shine, and she soon became an integral part of our marketing team.

Molly’s writing focuses on each client’s branding and company objectives and always considers the call-to-action of each marketing effort. She focuses on SEO (search engine optimization) when writing website content, which significantly increases traffic to our client’s websites. It is not only a pleasure to read everything Molly writes, but most importantly, it drives business to our clients.

When Molly isn’t writing, you can find her working on social media and email marketing projects for SkyeLine. Her social posts and emails are spot on, with a keen understanding of what looks and sounds great.

Before SkyeLine Studio

Molly is an undergraduate student at Elon University, working towards a major in Strategic Communications and a minor in Sociology. As a senior graduating in the spring of 2022, Molly is thrilled to finally showcase all she’s learned over the years in her work at SkyeLine.

Molly knew she had a passion for writing from an early age, taking every opportunity she could to share stories with whoever would listen. Plus, with a mom who worked as a journalist in her early career, Molly had all the inspiration and perhaps natural talent she would need to pursue this dream.

Before discovering her love for storytelling, Molly always thought her destiny was to be a world-famous athlete. With countless years spent playing soccer, lacrosse, and running track & field, she still hears her dad’s cheers to this day wherever she goes. While her competitive drive remains the same, Molly’s glad running laps isn’t a part of her daily routine anymore.

Outside of the 9-5

Molly grew up in the small town of Avon, CT, where all her biggest ambitions began to grow. Starting in the 5th grade, she attempted to make a name for herself by creating her own baking business at school – unbeknownst to her parents. Yet, when the demand for “Molly’s Marvelous Muffins” started to outgrow her supply, it was time to close up shop and put baking on the back burner (pardon the pun).

While still finding time to be creative in the kitchen, Molly appreciates that the best way to recharge herself is by relaxing with close friends and her beloved pets while binging Netflix.

Despite being relocated to Elon, NC, for school, Molly is a proud native New Englander at heart. She always makes time for the great outdoors and the occasional “lobstah roll.”