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The Coming Soon Page – Great Website Design

After you register a new website domain for your business, your next step should be to get a coming soon page up and running. A coming soon page is a mini website (usually one page) that serves as a placeholder for your new URL. The job of the coming soon page is to inform visitors what they can expect from your permanent website. Coming soon pages are simple, but that’s not always a bad thing in today’s world of limited attention spans.

A Good Coming Soon Page Is Simple… But Not Boring

Just because your coming soon page is simple, and will disappear once your permanent website goes live, doesn’t mean that it should be boring. It should utilize the same design aesthetic as your main website as well as your company logo, colors and photos if they are available. Just like any other page it should be mobile friendly.

A good coming soon page will list your important business information – phone number, email address, physical address, hours of operation, etc. Restaurants can also put links to their menus. Listing a short mission statement about your business is a good idea. It will give people an idea of type of company you are.

Beyond its informational purposes, coming soon pages should intrigue your audience. If someone is visiting your website, they’re curious about your business, and they’re looking for more information. You should post links to your social media accounts to keep them excited and engaged.

Always Collect Email Addresses

Most importantly make sure that you add an email collection form on your coming soon website. Let visitors know you will contact them once your permanent site is launched. This creates a mailing list for your business and increases chances of revisits to your site. Make sure that you let visitors know why they are signing up for your email list. You should also remind them that they can unsubscribe at any time and that you won’t share their information with anyone else.