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Graphic Design & Photography Pricing


For every hour of a photo shoot, the price includes up to 3 hours of photo editing & image enhancement. Also includes a Dropbox of all images for your future use and travel time within Connecticut to your photo shoot location.

1 Hour Photo Shoot
Perfect for headshots and a few photos of your business / signage.
2.5 Hour Photo Shoot
Perfect for headshots, photos of your office / business, products, and for restaurants – food photography of a few dishes.
5 Hour Photo Shoot
Perfect for headshots, action shots, interior / exterior pictures of your office / business, ambiance / people shots, products, and for restaurants – comprehensive food and beverage photography.
8 Hour Photo Shoot
Perfect for a business with a large staff, multiple locations or a full day event. Additional hours billed at $149/hr.
Second Shooter
Having a second shooter allows us to capture more images or videos during the shoot.

Graphic Design

All print materials include design, full-color, full-bleed and print coordination. Prices do not including actual printing costs. SkyeLine Studio can advise on affordable online printing options.

Marketing Campaign Design Template
Added to projects with a more complex design structure where we’re developing the program style from scratch. This is a one-time fee at the beginning of a marketing campaign. It does not apply if you have a formal brand guide or if we are adding to an already established campaign. It also doesn’t apply to simple designs (think a postcard with a photo & logo on the front and text and return address on the back).
Double Sided | 8.5 x 11 | Flat, Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold
Double Sided | From 4 x 6 to 6 x 9 | Designed To Meet Postal Specifications
Single Sided | From 8.5 x 11 to 36 x 48
Dinner, Lunch, To-Go, Happy Hour, etc.
Table Tents
Double Sided | From 4 x 6 to 6 x 9 | Designed To Fit Individual Table Tent Holders
Business Cards | Single Sided
2 x 3.5
Business Cards | Double Sided
2 x 3.5
Printable Newsletter (Per Page)
Single Sided | 8.5 x 11
Single Sided | Adhesive Label | 2 x 2 to 6.75 x 6.75
Resize Print Materials (Per Hour)
Convert an existing file into an ad, postcard, poster, etc. SkyeLine will resize the design and lay out the graphics and text to fit the new dimensions.


Logo Design

A full-color logo will be designed to reflect your company’s brand identity and formatted for both web and print use.

Logo Design – Level 1
For a small business that just needs a basic text-based logo for their website and company advertising. Includes up to 5 designs and up to 3 editing rounds.
Logo Design – Level 2
For a mid-sized business that needs a more tailored logo with both text and graphic elements that represents their overall mission. Suitable for logos on t-shirts, hats, menus or other business-to-consumer merchandise. Includes up to 10 designs and up to 5 editing rounds.
Logo Design – Level 3
For larger companies that are product-based, service-industry, sales-oriented or corporate that need to promote their brand as a differentiator in a competitive marketplace. Includes unlimited designs and unlimited editing rounds. Also includes a style guide with color palette to ensure that all of your marketing collateral is consistent.