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Recommendations for Facebook Advertising

Let’s face it, social media marketing isn’t rocket science; it’s about taking your message and successfully engaging with those who have a connection to your business. However, if no one is seeing what you are posting, how can you engage with them? As a CT Facebook Advertising Firm, SkyeLine Studio recommends Facebook Ads to all our social media clients.

Spreading your message on social media can eat up the one resource that can never be replenished: your valuable time. Look back at the last few posts you’ve made to your Business Facebook page. How many people viewed each one of them? Considering how much time it took to formulate and execute each post; was it worth it?

What Can Boosting Posts On Facebook Do For Your Business?

Boosting a post on Facebook allows you to take those same posts and push them to the top of your target audiences’ news feeds. For as little as $5/post you can increase your visibility to hundreds, even thousands of people. Facebook advertising is Social Media 101 ever since Facebook’s 2014 announcement that it would begin penalizing organic promotional material in news feeds. Since then, every reputable study done has shown brutal returns with as low as 2% – 6% of fans seeing posts from your Facebook Business page.

Big Data, Big Results

Most people willingly share profile data with Facebook when they sign-up for an account. This data is the nectar of the gods for small business owners and marketing firms like SkyeLine. There’s a so much information waiting for us to target – gender, age, location, interest groups, and more.

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If your business marketing could use a boost –  Facebook or otherwise – click here to contact CT Facebook Advertising Firm, SkyeLine Studio. We can enhance your social media or train you how to bring your own social media marketing to the next level with Facebook Advertising.