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CT Website SEO – Get Local with Google My Business

When a new client comes to SkyeLine looking for help with their local CT Website SEO one of the first things we check is if they have a complete Google My Business account. It’s the most important factor for successful local SEO according to the 2017 edition of Moz’ Local Search Ranking Factors Survey.

So what is Google My Business and what do we mean by complete listing?

Your business is likely already listed on Google My Business. Think of it as Google’s online business directory. To find your listing just google your business. Get it 🙂 Unless your business name is very common in your area (think Ray’s Original Pizza in New York City) you’ll see your listing in the top right corner of the screen. The Google machine and customer feedback creates your listing, so it often has incorrect info. Plus, without your input it isn’t living up to it’s full potential for local CT Website SEO for your business.

Claim Your Listing

If your listing isn’t claimed (which it shouldn’t be if you didn’t set it up yourself) you’ll see a link that says “Own this business?” Click on that link and create a Google My Business Account. You can also create that account directly at Google.com/Business.

Verify Your Listing

Once you’re logged in to your account and have started the process to claim your listing, you’ll have to verify you are who you say your are. This prevents your competitors from claiming your listing. Verification is sometimes possible with a Google robocall where you’ll get a verification code at your business phone number. If that’s not listed as an option (it’s not always available), you can choose to have a postcard mailed to your business with the verification code.

Update Your Listing & Your Local CT Website SEO Is Magically Improved!

The final step is to update the info on your listing. Check your hours, accepted methods of payment, website link, phone number, etc. You can also upload your logo and some photos of your store. Finally select a primary category for your business as well as some sub categories. For SkyeLine we’ve selected Website Designer as our main category. You can only choose one main category and this is where you’ll get the most exposure on Google. For our sub categories we’ve listed our other services – Marketing Agency, Graphic Designer & Photographer. These will get less exposure than the main category but will also show up in some local searches.