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Erika Blanchard

Designer + Writer

Erika Blanchard | Designer + Writer

Erika's Creative Skills

Erika's Role at SkyeLine

Erika is one of our top creatives at SkyeLine Studio. If you’ve seen any of SkyeLine’s social media posts since late 2018, you’re already familiar with some of Erika’s work—she’s who makes many of the visuals we post. She also designs many of our brochures, posters, postcards and other creative materials needed for our clients. She specializes in helping SkyeLine increase target-market visibility by creating eye-catching and trendy designs.

She currently lives in Merritt Island, FL, home to Kennedy Space Center and gets to watch rockets from the comfort of her backyard. Although she lives out of state, she’s been telecommuting for over a decade and knows how to be part of any team from afar.

With over fifteen years of experience working with corporate brands and startups, her areas of expertise include: traditional and digital marketing, graphic design, social networking and finance.

Before SkyeLine Studio

An experienced marketing and management professional with a passion for design, customer service and social media. Erika grew up in Colchester, CT, but escaped the cold and snow for sun, sand and humidity when she moved to Sunny Florida in 2004.

The beginning of Erika’s career was with Valassis (formerly ADVO, Inc.), the nation’s largest direct mail marketing company, where she held a variety of positions from finance and accounting to customer service and marketing.

Prior to joining SkyeLine, she was Manager of Digital Marketing and Social Media who also handled all of the creative for Aspire Lifestyles (formerly VIPdesk), a global leader in loyalty solutions, concierge services and outsourced customer care. In between, she has worked freelance for a variety of startups and loves the rush that comes with working for entrepreneurs.

Outside of the 9-5

Erika is, first and foremost, a wife and mom – but also a Libra, so she aims for harmony in all that she does. Her daughter is 8 (going on 18) who would play dolls 24 hours a day if she had her way. Luckily for Erika, her husband is also really good at playing dolls, so it’s a joint effort.

A “wanna be” World traveler, Erika and her family travel often. She’s visited eleven countries (so far), but knows there is so much more to see and discover.

Erika is a night owl who loves her family, friends, hazelnut coffee, sushi, chocolate and working (yes, you heard that right). She can often be found drinking coffee and designing or writing until the sun comes up.

When she was young, she remembers spending hours in the greeting card isle, looking for the perfect card. She always wanted create her own line of greeting cards and has done just that. Erika has a side hustle (an Etsy Shop: Splendid Street Press) where she sells, stationery and gifts – it’s her creative outlet and gives her something to do when her family is asleep.

Now she spends her days in pursuit of nice fonts, even though she has more than 15,000 in her stockpile – and yes, bad kerning does keep her up at night.