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Our 2023 Marketing Predictions

In this episode, Jim and Madison share their marketing predictions for 2023. Join us as we explore what the marketing world has in store and how you can stay ahead of the curve! 

Jim’s Predictions:

  1. We’ll see ChatGPT / AI integrations in all marketing software by the end of the year.
  2. Google will finally get its social network with YouTube Shorts.
  3. Media companies will increasingly target big live events as our digital world becomes more curated and fragmented, and marketing will play a crucial role in the success of these events.
  4. Paid social media is coming, and it will evolve with Web 3.0 to give more control to the user.

Madison’s Predictions:

  1. We’ll see more behind-the-scenes content from businesses, including videos and photos, focusing on authentic communication.
  2. There will be an expansion of business loyalty programs across more industries.
  3. Stock photos on websites will start majorly impacting website traffic.

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