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Unlocking Amazon’s Marketing Secrets: Marketing Strategies for Success with Mike Begg

In this episode, Jim DeMicco interviews Mike Begg, an Amazon expert and the co-founder and CEO of AMZ Advisers, about his marketing strategies for Amazon. They discuss various topics related to Amazon, including growing businesses on the platform, the challenges of selling on Amazon, advertising and SEO strategies, and expanding brands to Latin America. Mike is also the co-founder of GoAvance and explains that expanding to Latin America can be a lucrative opportunity for brands, especially in categories like consumer electronics, supplements, and cosmetics.

Mike shares insights from his journey, starting with Kindle eBooks, reselling clearance items, white labeling products, and now helping big brands sell millions of dollars on Amazon. He also discusses the importance of protecting your brand, understanding the data, and investing in the platform. Investing in Amazon advertising can lead to a positive feedback loop and increased visibility and sales.

Jim asks Mike about one of his major pet peeves on Amazon: encountering products with reviews for different items. Mike Begg refers to this deceptive practice as “review hijacking.” He explains that sellers take over inactive listings with good review histories by changing titles, images, and details to match their products, thereby inheriting positive sales and review history.

Mike also discusses current trends, common pitfalls, strategies to combat fake reviews, and how to optimize for Prime Day. He also offers advice on product categories and practical tips for beginners aiming to succeed on Amazon.

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