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Hartford Flavor Company Launches New Website

Originally Published on AB Newswire

HARTFORD – Hartford Flavor Company, a distillery that crafts unique flavors of all-natural spirits, has launched a new website, HartfordFlavor.com. Wild Moon Liqueurs and Wild Moon Botanics, their award-winning, small-batch, botanically infused spirits, are showcased and available to purchase on the website. Hartford Flavor Company also offers hand sanitizer with essential oils, candles, cocktail sugar rims, and more. The company plans to launch a new line of vodka in May.

SkyeLine Studio, a full-service digital marketing and website design company in Wolcott, CT, designed the new website, bringing Hartford Flavor Company’s brand story to life with a new visual identity. The website makes it easier to navigate, find recipes, and discover unique flavors like cucumber, birch, lavender, sage, chai spice, roasted dandelion root, rose, and more.

“We love the new website! It really captures both what we stand for as a company and our brands AND lets us educate our new customers and fans alike. We invest a lot of time and energy into our digital marketing and social media. The new website is and will be a backbone to those ongoing efforts. It was an easy development process with the SkyeLine team, and we look forward to a strong partnership as we continue to enhance and grow the site,” said Tom Dubay, Chief Executive Officer at Hartford Flavor Company.

Lelaneia and Tom Dubay, the founders of Hartford Flavor Company, have been revolutionizing the traditional liqueur market for over six years. “The idea for a company hit us at a party that we hosted in 2013. We started by making cranberry liqueur as gifts, which proved to be an immediate hit with family and friends,” said Lelaneia Dubay, Creatrix & Infusionary at Hartford Flavor Company. Following experimentation with a few more flavors (and people drinking them dry), it became clear they needed to become a company to satisfy the local demand.

“The new website for Hartford Flavor Company is one of our favorites at the studio,” said Jim DeMicco, Co-Founder & Creative Director of SkyeLine Studio. “Hartford Flavor Company came to us with a website database that was corrupted, which removed all of the previous design elements. It was a blank slate. But they had valuable content that we did not want to lose. We were able to salvage their data, including hundreds of unique cocktail recipes. Wild Moon Liqueurs have unique flavors, made in small batches locally. Their website is also unique, custom-built, and made locally. It’s always exciting to work with a growing, successful, forward-thinking Connecticut company that has a strong brand identity and an organic, creative vision for their branding.”


About Hartford Flavor Company
Hartford Flavor Company, a woman-owned distillery, has been crafting uniquely flavored, all-natural spirits in small batches since 2015. They have a mission to provide the liquor market – mixologists, retailers, and consumers – with uniquely flavored natural liqueurs that are on-trend and align to the idea that the creative cocktail is an essential aspect of both the social and dining experiences. You can enjoy Wild Moon by visiting your local retail store, fine restaurants, and their distillery at 30 Arbor Street # 107, Hartford, CT 06106. To see the newly designed website and learn more, visit HartfordFlavor.com.


About SkyeLine Studio
SkyeLine Studio is a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in website design, writing, local SEO, social media, email marketing, food photography, branding, writing, graphic design, and logos. Based out of Wolcott, CT, SkyeLine specializes in small to mid-sized businesses that need marketing support but do not want to hire a full-time staff member. The Marketing Department To-Go program gives companies access to a spectrum of marketing services that cannot be found in a single, in-house employee. Pricing for all services is listed online, highly unusual in the marketing industry. Straightforward, transparent pricing allows companies to set budgets, prioritize, and tackle goals.