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Jim DeMicco

Co-founder + Creative Director

Jim DeMicco | Co-founder + Creative Director

Jim's Creative Skills

Jim's Role at SkyeLine

Jim is the techie in SkyeLine Studio, a web designer who works his coding magic in HTML, CSS & WordPress. He primarily utilizes a clean design aesthetic, preferring simple modern lines and the use of white space to highlight colorful logos, vivid photography and creative font treatments. On the opposite side of the spectrum, his more traditional website designs feature richly layered graphics and images to portray a brand’s feeling and tone.

Jim got his start as a graphic designer creating ads, brochures, logos, eNewsletters and all forms of marketing collateral. Jim also manages SkyeLine’s ad buys, coordinates direct mail campaigns, consults on search engine optimization (SEO) and handles the logistical side of marketing such as budgets and coordination. He is a published photographer who is often hired for photo shoots of special events, head shots, food photography and landscapes.

Before SkyeLine Studio

Prior to founding SkyeLine, Jim worked as a product manager at The Danbury Mint where he was responsible for more than $12 million in annual direct marketing sales. While at The Danbury Mint, Jim coordinated advertising and direct mail efforts, managed creative design teams, projected quarterly sales and shipment numbers, maintained product inventory, and analyzed results for hundreds of national direct marketing campaigns. Jim’s accounts included the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, WWE, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Campbell’s Soup, Disney and M.I. Hummel.

Jim has a passion for public speaking; his leadership skills led him to earn a degree in political science from Yale University. Always fascinated by the media’s ability to mold our society, Jim’s plan of study at Yale focused on the power of the press in American government.

Outside of the 9-5

Jim was born in Louisville which inspired his love of the Kentucky Derby and college basketball. (Psych that was a joke. You’ll never see Jim watching ESPN or spouting sports stats! Jim may not be a sports buff, but the Derby is only 2 minutes long which is manageable.)

Jim is a dedicated apheresis platelet blood donor for the American Red Cross. He has donated more than 100 units of blood and platelets and spends 2 hours hooked up to the apheresis machine whenever he has a spare moment.

Jim loves: landscaping / gardening, hiking, apples, peanut butter, cooking Italian food (obviously), tennis, Stephen King, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson and chess.

When he was young, Jim’s dream job was to be a night watchman at a laundromat. (Which is weird because he doesn’t like staying up late or doing laundry. He is an excellent folder though.)