Kenya D’Agustino – Marketing Coordinator

When Kenya was in college one of her marketing professors shared the story of the Smartfood® Company and how that black shiny bag actually put them on the map. She knew at that moment she wanted to be a part of something like that – to take an idea, turn it into a product or service, and then out to market. That’s what inspired her then, and still today.

For over 15 years her enthusiasm for marketing companies and helping them to grow hasn’t slowed down and it still brings her joy. We think she really likes a good rags-to-riches story, but then again doesn’t everybody?

Kenya thrives when telling a client’s story and digs to the core to find out what makes that person and their company tick. She’s learned that their passion is what authentically draws in success and she knows it’s a great stepping stone to help develop or even expand an existing brand.

Besides bringing in new clients for SkyeLine, which seems to make her light up and talk just a tad bit louder, she also coordinates the marketing for many of our clients and specializes in writing their taglines, website copy, press releases, bios and more.

She has become an integral part of our team, and she is more than happy to help yours. We do share at SkyeLine, but we think we’ll keep her.

Before SkyeLine Studio

Marketing and Communications have been a part of Kenya’s daily routine since college. She has worked closely with many types of entrepreneurs and learned very early on the meaning of wearing different hats. This helped her to develop a broad skill set, and practice effective communication and time management.

Kenya has worked with a variety of products and helped to launch new brands, create and reinforce brand strategies, and even had a hand in designing unique purses and manufacturing them overseas. She has gotten her past clients on national shopping channels like HSN and ShopNBC (now Evine) and even scored an interview with O Magazine. She helped to market and manage nationwide events for Hartford Magazine such as LEGO KidsFest and did the same for another company,

Outside of the 9-5

Kenya grew up in Colchester, CT and went to a high school that at that time had just two levels with two tiny hallways. She recently learned it was torn down, but those small hometown memories will never leave her. She lives on the other side of the river now but still has friends from the 5th grade. She attributes that to being born under the astrological sign of Cancer – it’s really hard for them to let go.

Her career has taken her to many parts of the country, and even though she really enjoys new places and people, her heart is always with her family and loved ones. Don’t get her wrong, she’s still a feisty Italian girl, with a little bit of Irish. You can draw your own conclusion there.

She loves good movies, good food, good music, and anything in nature – like hiking, biking, kayaking, boating – and still rollerblades in the very first pair she ever bought. The brand is actually Rollerblade and even though that dates her more, she will never give up that braking system – now that’s brand loyalty.