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Krisp is a Home Office Noise Cancellation Lifesaver

While the Covid pandemic forced many businesses to adapt to virtual work, SkyeLine Studio has been a remote digital agency since day one in 2003. As much as I’d like to say we’re pros by now, some work-from-home office challenges can be hard for anyone to ignore. There’s always something going on, especially if you’re like me, with a growing family filling up the house. My focus has never been an issue, no matter how chaotic it is outside my office door. However, as more of my regular meetings have switched from in-person sit-downs to onscreen via Zoom, background noise became an issue I could no longer ignore.

From screaming babies to barking dogs to the Amazon delivery guys ringing our doorbells, our computers (and those listening in) seem to pick up every noise.

Krisp is a Home Office Noise Cancellation Lifesaver | SkyeLine Studio

My initial strategy was to soundproof my office walls. Unsurprisingly, it was way too complicated and expensive. Then I found Krisp, my holy grail! Krisp is an AI-powered, bi-directional noise cancellation software that eliminates any background noise from your calls.

  • Krisp uses virtual filter technology to eliminate all types of background noise.
  • It pairs with over 800 communication tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.
  • Krisp offers insights and analytics on talk time, meetings, and call summaries.
  • It’s available on both Mac and Windows desktop and laptop devices.

As a remote digital agency, clear communication is the key to everything we do. Thankfully with Krisp, my voice stays crystal clear on every call, even when the kids think it’s playtime. As an added bonus, Krisp works both ways, meaning I can’t hear the distractions on the other end, either. So, if the person I’m talking to has a barking dog in the background, I’m still focused on the call.

Visit Krisp.ai/pricing for pricing and to sign up. You’ll thank me later!

~ Jim

P.S. My only complaint is that I wish I had Krisp for my phone, too (they used to have a phone version but sunsetted it).