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Skye MacBroom

Co-founder + Writer

Skye MacBroom | Co-founder + Writer

Skye's Creative Skills

Skye's Role at SkyeLine

A core concept at SkyeLine Studio is to go (way) beyond creating gorgeous marketing collateral. It can’t just be another pretty website.

Skye focuses on the big picture, examining what success looks like for each client. This can translate to looking at our client’s current (and desired future) customers, brand reputation and differentiation, how to increase revenue streams, and rethinking stagnant ways of doing business.

Skye provides branding and marketing strategies that utilize her background as a publicist. She blends promotional tactics such as traditional communication programs, eMarketing concepts, social media, and grassroots efforts.

Skye is the editor for all large-scale writing projects at SkyeLine. She has a passion for journalistic writing and the Associated Press style used among all major media and can happily get lost within the pages of a project. Skye’s work is often seen in our client’s biographies, company histories, and website content. Skye is also a ghostwriter and prides herself in reflecting the voice and tone of the brands that she works with.

Before SkyeLine Studio

Prior to founding SkyeLine Studio, Skye worked and consulted for some of the top marketing and PR agencies in Connecticut. In 2003 Skye landed a position at Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia as a personal fashion stylist for Martha Stewart, but Martha’s legal problems resulted in canceled shows. It was meant to be. Skye turned her freelance work as an independent publicist into a full-time marketing company. She decided to pursue the entrepreneurial itch that runs in her family, and SkyeLine Studio, LLC was born.

Skye studied journalism, marketing, and business and founded the public relations plan of study at the University of Connecticut in 2000. In fact, she was the first student to graduate from the university with a degree in public relations. Skye also received a second bachelor’s degree in communications.

Outside of the 9-5

Skye lives in her hometown of Wolcott, Connecticut, a quaint and quiet town “where everyone knows your name.”

When she was young, Skye wanted to be a “Beacher,” when she grew up, which was defined as “someone who goes to the beach.” Beach days aren’t quite the same relaxing trips they used to be, though. Skye doesn’t even bother to bring her beach chair to the shore anymore. There is no lounging around with her two wild, salty-haired boys who spend their time (loudly) exploring, running, and splashing. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chatham, Massachusetts, is where her heart is, so if you’re looking for a great coastal getaway for the weekend, you’ll love the lighthouses, bustling Main Street, and vibrant hydrangeas. She even named one of her sons Chatham, so you know the love is real!