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‘View video’ Button in Gmail / Google Apps

I find it so interesting that the big companies I rely upon for much of my entertainment and workflow constantly release software improvements without any direct announcement at all. It’s become more of a constant trickle of improvements lately. Maybe Google and Facebook have found that a lot of smaller upgrades will keep down any major push-back from users.

Anyways, today I noticed a new little feature for my Google Apps email inbox. It’s not a huge deal in it’s intended functionality, but will be very helpful in other ways. The basic premise is that if you have a link to a YouTube video in an email you get a button in your inbox that says “View video.” As long as pop-ups are turned off, if you click that button it’ll open up YouTube to that video’s page. Pretty simple and also mostly useless for me. How this will be helpful is when I’m scanning through a bunch of emails I can now see which emails have video links. I can already see which ones have attachments with the paperclip icon, and that has proven very helpful in narrowing my search through archived emails in the past. That little bit of info can often help me find that needle in the digital haystack.

~ Jim