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All-Star Transportation’s Website Launch

When you’re the state’s leader in school bus transportation, you’re expected to be on time, every time, and provide all the answers. The new All-Star Transportation of Waterbury website design by SkyeLine Studio was a complete website redesign with that goal in mind.

As every parent knows, a school bus is more than just wheels, seats, and a steering wheel. It represents security, safety, trust, and community. All-Star Transportation wanted to infuse those same values in its new site. To not only serve as a portal to its own company with corporate headquarters in Waterbury, CT, but also to the 35 communities it serves in Connecticut’s Litchfield, New Haven and upper Fairfield counties. All-Star’s daily task is no small feat. They must ensure that every student makes it to school on time and then back home again safely. With a fleet of over 900 vehicles, that’s more than 47,000 students every day.

Our Challenges for the New All-Star Transportation of Waterbury Website Design

Our challenge was to build a website that answered every question that one of those thousands and thousands of parents could potentially ask. Questions such as, “What time do Waterbury elementary schools get out this week?” and, “How will my kindergarten student’s first day of school go on the bus?” Parents need to feel 100% confident and knowledgeable about who will be taking their kids to school day-in and day-out. SkyeLine created a site that would address these issues in a clear, concise and friendly manner.

One of the most important features of the website are the location pages, a great resource for both families and students. Each page is emblazoned with an image of a school bus that serves that particular town or city. It contains helpful information such as bus routes, dismissal times, school calendars and time-saving tips like bus pick-up and drop-off procedures.

It takes a lot of trusted, experienced employees to drive this company. All-Star Transportation employs more than 1,000 people, including managers, dispatchers, safety supervisors, mechanics, monitors and, of course, drivers. A careers page lists all of the current job openings so that All-Star can attract, find, manage and screen through the best applicants for the job.

“It was great to work with Leslie and Dean during this process,” SkyeLine Studio’s Jim DeMicco said. “It’s always a fantastic feeling to design a new website for a great local company.”

To view the new website for All-Star Transportation visit All-StarTransportation.com.

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