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Why Your Website NEEDS Your Business Phone Number Prominently Featured

In the age of electronic communication, do phone numbers still have any value when it comes to your business’s web design in CT (or any state for that matter)?

If you’re hoping to convert page visitors into customers, they certainly do!

Featuring the easiest and quickest way for your customers to reach someone to speak with lends your business credibility and works on building trust with your valued customers. Beyond that, ease of communication works wonders for getting customers through your door. Knowing that your business is available to speak with them when they need it most, goes a long way in building lasting relationships and returning clients. People who need one-on-one interaction, who need to speak with a real, live person before purchasing something, will abandon ship if they can’t reach you easily.

Cell phones are rapidly surpassing traditional computers as ways to look up information (especially on the go) and putting your business’s phone number front and center saves your customer from having to dig through a mobile-enhanced site to find the information they need. Delays equal lost business since frustrated customers who can’t reach you when they need to, won’t stay customers for long.

So, as you’re planning your business’s web design, don’t overlook the importance of placing your phone number prominently. If you’re forced to choose between your phone number and, say, links to certain social media accounts, the smart money is always going to be on the digits – the quickest way for anyone to connect with the heart of your business.