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Celebrating 20 Years! (2003-2023)

SkyeLine Studio celebrates 20 years today! We want to thank our past and present clients, our incredible SkyeLine Team, and the partners and vendors who have joined us on this wild ride over the past two decades.

If you had asked us all those years ago if we would’ve made it this far, we would’ve answered yes. But there have been so many twists and turns along the way. Our company is very different from its original roots. In 2002, Skye began freelancing on her own as a solo publicist. She landed a dream job as Martha Stewart’s fashion stylist, but it was put on hold when, sadly, Martha was convicted. SkyeLine Studio was born out of necessity. We turned the freelancing gigs into clients and opened up shop as a boutique public relations agency, working with several companies and media personalities in the Westport area. We offered press releases, New York City media tours, and magazine placements.

Skye remembers Jim joining the company, saying, “I’ll help until I can find a ‘real’ job.” Jim remembers it a little differently, but he’s still sticking around twenty years later. Jim brought a new set of marketing services to the company: website design, photography, email marketing, and graphic design. He applied his analytical skills from his direct marketing background, utilizing an approach that focused on demographics and metrics.

Our first client was larger than life, the incredible Moshé. He was a celebrity event planner, a stylist, and a creative genius. (Today, he works and lives in his homeland of Turkey.) Next, Skye met Dan, the founder of the Westport-based private equity group Main Street Resources. She was at Dan’s waterfront home for a photo shoot that she coordinated for Moshé in Coastal Living Magazine. They hit it off – and Main Street became our second client, followed by several of their portfolio companies. And then – we took off. We got Main Street in Fortune Small Business; it was such an exciting time. Skye focused on her writing, often ghostwriting for clients who published in magazines, newspapers, and independent books. Magazine cover stories were always the goal in the days when media was more about relationships and pitching.

Over the years, SkyeLine Studio evolved from PR to digital marketing, often blending the two. We’ve worked with restaurants, authors, surgeons, lawyers, salons, spas, philanthropists, interior designers, hotels, and even a sex therapist. We love working with luxury brands, septic companies, and everything in between. Our clients have spanned from Connecticut to California from New Hampshire to Florida. (I guess we need a Maine client next.)

In 2008, we started designing HTML websites. Today, we create fully managed WordPress sites for our clients and have launched who-knows-how-many hundreds of sites (we should count them).

SkyeLine Studio is now a full-service digital marketing firm with a fantastic team that keeps the wheels moving every day. We’d be lost without them. Beyond web design, we offer local SEO, social media, email marketing, photography, videography, graphic design, writing, and so much more.

We’ve had a lot of fun over the last 20 years. Running your own business is a great adventure, and we have so many good stories! We once threw a party in an old, abandoned (haunted) bank with no heat for a real estate developer with an incredible vision – who was about to break ground in the neighborhood. We had to crawl through a wet, dark tunnel under the street to turn on the water. Luckily, plumbing is not one of our services because we had no idea what we were doing! We also wore a gigantic and heavy Chinese dragon costume to entertain the guests at a Farm-to-Table dinner on a hot summer night. We worked with Ted Turner and watched him bus tables as we promoted his new restaurant in Hartford. We’ve taken pictures of everything from dirty medical equipment at hospital loading docks to polished celebrities at speaking engagements (although we prefer a photo of a nice juicy burger). We’ve watched surgeries in scrubs and young couples get married.

Who knows what the next 20 years will bring? We know our business will continue to evolve as the marketing world shifts and grows, and we’ll be there to help our clients keep up with the pace. We recently launched our own podcast, “Frustrated By Your Marketing?” Perfect for businesses looking for the latest marketing tips. You can listen on YouTubeApple Podcasts, or Spotify.

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of our incredible journey.

Cheers to the next 20 years!

Skye & Jim