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The Junk Drawer: Everything Is Marketing

In this episode, Jim and Madison dig through the Marketing Junk Drawer and discuss some recent marketing that caught their attention – because everything is marketing! They discuss how your staff is vital for successful marketing and great promotions by Monster Energy and Dove, plus a few other stories.

Jim talks about the episode Nosedive from the show Black Mirror (01:55) and how it showcases the worst-case scenario for reviews in our culture. He also talks about a positive (07:25) and negative (17:42) experience with front desk staff at two medical offices. Finally, he talks about working deeply when doing photography (28:23) or any other skill you want to improve. You’ll get more creative, think in the moment, and improve your muscle memory for that skill.

Madison talks about the new promo video from Highland Brewing Co. in Asheville, North Carolina, for their Wishing Star Cold IPA (03:45). She also talks about the dressing room staff at Altar’d State (13:52) and how they make the shopping experience easier for the customer while also improving their bottom line. Finally, she discusses the Monster Energy Supercross FanFest campaign (23:49), which promotes recycling and its brand in a hard-to-forget way.

Together, Jim and Madison discuss “The Cost of Beauty” Dove Campaign (32:18) and social media’s negative impact on mental health and body positivity for kids.


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