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AI’s Impact on Marketing with Paula Phelan

In this episode, Jim DeMicco speaks with AI Expert Paula Phelan to discuss the world of AI and its profound impact on the marketing industry and beyond. Paula is a visionary leader and seasoned entrepreneur and is now the COO of Intelligent Relations. Together, they explore AI’s evolving role, emphasizing its ability to transform the workforce, create job opportunities, and revolutionize how we do business.

Jim and Paula discuss the influence of AI in various sectors, from small businesses to healthcare, photography, and writing; they provide insights into how this technology empowers those who embrace it. Their spirited conversation touches on ethical concerns and the importance of maintaining human creativity and uniqueness in the era of AI.

Key Moments From This Episode:

  • 01:39 – Will AI replace jobs?
  • 05:44 – AI implementation for smaller vs larger businesses
  • 07:54 – AI still needs human intervention
  • 11:49 – AI has been here for a long time
  • 17:52 – AI’s Impact on Healthcare and Photography
  • 23:22 – Will AI replace artists?
  • 27:13 – Blockchain, the Fediverse, and the future of social media
  • 31:41 – Effects of biased data on AI
  • 33:44 – Will AI have too much power?
  • 38:50 – Is AI going to bring us all to the middle?
  • 43:10 – Paula’s experience with AI in art
  • 46:46 – Intelligent Relations, Preston and the future of PR

Where You Can Find Paula Phelan:

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