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Marketing Magic: Memes, AI & Mr. Beast

In this “Junk Drawer” episode, Jim and Madison delve into some recent marketing topics and trends. Join them as they explore Mr. Beast’s remarkable achievement of reaching 200 million subscribers.

They also scrutinize the controversial utilization of AI-generated chatbots featuring celebrities like Kendall Jenner and ponder this technology’s far-reaching implications for the entertainment and marketing industry. They also delve into AI’s influence on Amazon product reviews, highlighting how it streamlines and enhances consumer access to information.

Additionally, they tackle the pressing issue of excessive website ads, discussing the potential pitfalls of repetitive ad exposure and emphasizing the importance of striking the right balance between ads and user experience for an engaging and satisfying online experience.

In this episode, Jim and Madison also discuss Coke, profanity in advertising, piracy, memes, and more.

Key Moments From This Episode:

  • 01:09 – Our Thoughts About Linktree’s Use of Profanity in a Recent Ad
  • 06:08 – Mr. Beast Hits 200MM Subscribers
  • 10:43 – Madison’s New Social Media Strategy for Her New Book
  • 18:03 – Google Podcasts to Shut Down in 2024
  • 21:06 – AI-Powered Book Piracy & Speechify
  • 27:33 – Kendall Jenner’s Meta AI Chatbot, aka Your Sis Billie
  • 30:49 – Coke’s New AI Co-Created Flavor
  • 33:13 – Amazon is using AI to Summarize Reviews
  • 37:01 – Our Thoughts About Excessive Website Ads

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

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