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Is AI Outsmarting Us?

Join Jim and Madison as they dive into what so many people may be wondering: Is AI outsmarting us? In this episode, they unravel what the future of AI will hold, how it will impact different industries, and why ultimately, it won’t replace specific jobs because we crave uniqueness.

Jim discusses his prediction for Gen Alpha and how AI is like a calculator; you must learn how to perform the tasks first without AI to use it correctly. Madison talks about why the writing industry is nervous about AI and how she has learned to use it to respond to restaurant reviews.

A significant part of marketing is learning to stand out. If you solely rely on AI, it will bring your marketing towards the middle. You need to understand marketing to use it to stand out from your competition.

Key Moments From This Episode:

  • 01:55 – Jim’s prediction about Gen Alpha
  • 02:40 – How AI will impact different industries
  • 04:05 – How AI is like a calculator
  • 06:15 – Using AI for reviews
  • 09:46 – Uniqueness is what drives our interest in things

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Watch This Episode On YouTube: https://youtu.be/-seA54nfUAo