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Mastering Email Marketing

Email campaigns might not be the latest trend in marketing, but they continue to be one of the best. In this episode, Jim and Madison discuss the ins and outs of email marketing and how it can be a major asset to any brand looking to grow.

Whether the purpose is to inform, persuade, or excite, emails can serve as a reminder to customers in a variety of ways. And even if people don’t take the time to read them thoroughly, they’ll ultimately help your business stand out among the rest. Yet, as Jim and Madison note, there is an art behind email marketing. From well-written subject lines to carefully crafted email lists, mastering email marketing isn’t as easy as simply pressing ‘send all.’

Key Moments From This Episode:

  • 00:47 – SkyeLine’s marketing improvements (listening to our own advice)
  • 01:30 – Why email marketing is for everyone
  • 01:53 – What exactly is email marketing?
  • 03:10 – Mailchimp and other email marketing options
  • 04:25 – If it’s going to be spam, make it good
  • 05:49 – How even unopened emails can open new doors
  • 06:13 – The importance of subject lines
  • 08:29 – The basics of building an email list
  • 10:37 – Adding email signups to websites
  • 12:49 – Starting an email list from scratch
  • 13:53 – Jim’s experience with buying email lists
  • 16:31 – How emails can boost ROI
  • 18:34 – Generational feelings towards emails
  • 23:29 – Our success stories with clients
  • 26:37 – Madison’s book updates

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