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Why Everyone Hates Yelp!?

In this episode, Jim and Madison discuss the often-frustrating topic of Yelp reviews and how to handle them as a business owner (especially for restaurants). They discuss the power of reviews and how Yelp, in particular, can make or break a new restaurant. The hosts offer advice on responding to reviews, asking for reviews, and being kind to guests.

They also discuss why many people criticize Yelp for being pro-consumer rather than pro-business. However, they acknowledge a positive Yelp community in the form of Yelp Elites, who are passionate about food and good restaurants.

Jim talks about his experience with Yelp’s sales team and how Yelp’s advertising practices can be frustrating and not worth the investment for businesses.

Unsolicited Marketing Feedback: Jim and Madison discuss how Pepsi’s logo redesign is an excellent example of a rebrand that maintains continuity from previous logos while refreshing the design. They also discuss how the trend of darker design aesthetics may be influenced by Gen Z’s preference for dark mode.


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