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SkyeLine Studio Launches Marketing Podcast

“Frustrated By Your Marketing?” is Now Available

Wolcott, CT – SkyeLine Studio, a full-service digital marketing company based in Wolcott, Connecticut, offers expert marketing advice in its newly released podcast “Frustrated By Your Marketing?” The marketing podcast is hosted by Jim DeMicco, SkyeLine Studio’s Gen X Co-Founder of 20 years, and Madison McCuiston, Gen Z Web & Marketing Specialist. It will explore the latest marketing news and strategies businesses can utilize to strengthen their brand identity across any industry.

DeMicco and McCuiston will cover everything from website design, WordPress, SEO, social media, email marketing, photography, videography, and of course, the role of AI in marketing now that ChatGPT has arrived on the scene. DeMicco and McCuiston also plan on interviewing marketing professionals and business owners from Connecticut and beyond to add unique perspectives to their discussions. If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed, please contact SkyeLine Studio at [email protected].

“Everything is marketing,” claims DeMicco in one of their first episodes. “Plus, it’s always evolving, so it can be hard and often frustrating for businesses to keep their brand on pace with the newest trends, social platforms, and software needed to engage with their audience.”

DeMicco and McCuiston geared the podcast toward those who need help navigating the marketing world. DeMicco and McCuiston’s combined experience and advice are great for internal marketing teams, marketing specialists, business owners, and early-stage entrepreneurs.

“Marketing is hard and constantly changing,” says McCuiston. “New platforms are added, algorithms change, and keeping track of everything can be stressful. We understand the struggles, and our goal is to inform and educate our audience so they can improve their marketing strategies!”

“We listened to many other popular marketing podcasts to get a feel of what people enjoy listening to and what their brand looks like visually,” McCuiston explains. Yet, as she and DeMicco noted, starting this podcast was no “walk in the park.” They spent countless hours gathering the right equipment, testing sound quality, and choosing topics so they could provide listeners with valuable insights into the marketing industry. Now that it’s finally out, they can’t wait to share their expertise and help businesses tap into their potential.

For those eager to start listening, “Frustrated By Your Marketing?” is now available on all popular podcast players, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Audience members can also watch DeMicco and McCuiston dive into their discussions on YouTube. Either way, this podcast will give listeners a new outlook on the marketing industry and a better understanding of how to succeed.

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