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Put Some Love into Your Valentine’s Day Promotions

A Restaurant’s Guide

Can you feel the romance in the air? Valentine’s Day is almost here, and businesses and consumers are eagerly anticipating one of the best holidays in February (aside from the Super Bowl, of course.) According to the National Restaurant Association, it’s also the second busiest day of the year for restaurants like our clients, Butchers & Bakers, and River: A Waterfront Restaurant & Bar. At SkyeLine, we help get the word out to this annual influx of love-struck couples, and we strive to set the perfect mood for our clients ahead of these special occasions by using our marketing magic to spread some love!

Valentine's Day - A Restaurant's Guide | SkyeLine Studio

While we wish we could send chocolates, email campaigns are the next best thing when it comes to drawing customers’ eyes and appetites. Our team started pushing our clients’ Valentine’s Day specials weeks in advance, knowing that table reservations spike an astounding 433% on this holiday alone. And since February 14th falls on a weekday this year, it’s also important for restaurants to accommodate a continuous crowd on both Valentine’s Day and the weekends surrounding it.

As much as anyone loves a homecooked meal, most people who celebrate Valentine’s Day prefer to spend it out of the house because they know one thing can be promised: ambiance. It’s one of the few occasions where people spoil their special someone, so customers expect restaurants to pull out all the fine dining details.

And who’s to blame them? Restaurant sales increase by 65% on February 14th each year, and if customers are willing to pay top dollar for romance, they want to feel like they’re at the top of the world too. Take our client River, for example. When you walk through their doors, you’re greeted by decorations that anyone can fall in love with – from oversized teddy bears to dimly lit candles. They really know how to treat the incoming crowds to an unforgettable evening by the Connecticut River waterfront.

Yet, as much as restaurants would like to cater to the individual needs of doting couples, efficiency comes before all else when the rush hits. That’s why restaurants often opt for pre-set menus on holidays as busy as Valentine’s Day. 

For Butchers & Bakers, who recently welcomed a new executive chef, Zach Shuman, having a pre-made list of unique dishes (and drinks to go with it) makes the crowds easier to handle. And for us at SkyeLine, we see this as another excellent marketing opportunity. Whether it be via social media or emails, we’ve found that offering unique holiday specials is an immediate attention grabber for those scouring the web for Valentine’s Day plans.

February 14th is a day many look forward to celebrating with their loved ones and friends. And while it may be a challenge to keep up with the demands of those looking for the perfect night out, it’s the perfect opportunity for restaurants to remind their customers why love is worth it. At SkyeLine, we’re proud to help our restaurant clients make the most of this holiday, and we hope that everyone gets to feel special when the day comes.