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Master Podcast Marketing with Kayla Wells

In this episode, Jim and Madison chat with their first guest Kayla Wells, a podcast marketing expert helping podcasters grow their shows since 2019. Kayla has become a go-to resource for businesses and content creators looking to get more attention for their shows. Having started her career in customer service, Kayla switched to podcasting when she discovered her passion for marketing. Today, Kayla hosts “Your Podcast Strategist Show,” where she shares valuable tips and insights for growing a successful podcast. Her show helped us on our podcast journey, and she’s a great resource if you need help with your podcast.

Kayla shares her top tips for businesses looking to grow their podcast by discussing content creation and guest management, creating searchable podcast titles, podcast marketing on social media and your website, revisiting previous episodes, and more helpful podcast marketing tips.

Key Moments From This Episode:

  • 01:05 – Kayla Wells’ Background & Podcasting Journey
  • 06:00 – Reviewing Kayla’s Podcast Episode #19, “5 Actionable Marketing Tips for Podcast Growth”
  • 10:57 – Posting Frequency & Consistency
  • 13:32 – The Importance of Frequency & Growth
  • 15:44 – The Best Time to Post Your Podcast
  • 22:12 – The Importance of Revisiting Previous Episodes
  • 26:06 – The Struggles of Content Creation & Guest Management
  • 29:02 – The Importance of Repetition in Marketing
  • 30:27 – How Guesting on Podcasts Helps to Grow Your Audience
  • 33:47 – Aligning with Your Target Audience
  • 40:06 – Choosing the Right Social Platforms to Market Your Podcast
  • 45:29 – The Importance of Searchable Podcast Titles
  • 50:52 – The Importance of Conversational Podcasts

Where You Can Find Kayla Wells & “Your Podcast Strategist Show”:

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Watch This Episode On YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z9A3D2-c7eE