Timehop Alternatives: The Death of Timehop?

Up until a few years ago, I found myself taking less pictures for fun (this is not a good thing for someone who takes photos for a living). I think it was probably due to just how easy it was to take quality photos on my iPhone. If you can take great photos every day, […]

Incorporating Familiar Design Components

RI Rehab East Greenwich Grand Opening Ad

I was working on a Grand Opening ad for our client RI Rehab today and had an inspiration to incorporate the logo into the Grand Opening text at the top of the ad. Whenever you can incorporate familiar design elements into something new it’s always a win. The consumer will recognize the classic elements and […]

Google Likes It Fast

Google Likes It Fast

One of the many factors that plays into search engine optimization (SEO) is how quickly your website loads. Basically, Google hates old clunky websites that take forever to open. Over the last few years Google has been pushing their algorithm to be more and more human in it’s preferences. We hate slow websites and so […]

Welcome to Google Engage for Agencies

SkyeLine Studio is now a member of Google Engage for Agencies. We’re very excited to work with Google directly to help our clients grow their businesses via paid search with Google Adwords. Heather is our client support contact and she’s been great so far. My only complaint is that I had to create yet another […]

‘View video’ Button in Gmail / Google Apps

I find it so interesting that the big companies I rely upon for much of my entertainment and workflow constantly release software improvements without any direct announcement at all. It’s become more of a constant trickle of improvements lately. Maybe Google and Facebook have found that a lot of smaller upgrades will keep down any […]

What Facebook Graph Search Is Missing

My invite request to Facebook Graph Search was accepted this week. It came with no fanfare at all… I just noticed a different looking search bar and that was it. So far most of the interesting searches I’ve tried brought me to a Facebook web browser powered by Bing… Boring. My favorite successful search so […]